Changing Banking for Better

Bringing together two organizations with rich histories and deep values takes commitment, care and creativity. Turning them into one bank will prove to be an unparalleled opportunity for transformation. To build our new brand for success, we started by talking to the people closest to it. Associates, teammates,  clients and prospective clients all shared inputs and insights to shape who we are and where we’re going, ensuring that we’re creating the bank people want.

Now, we’re thrilled to become Truist. Truist is the first signal of our bold future together. Our new name reflects a shared belief in building a better future for our clients and communities. Throughout our process, one thing has always been clear: We're creating a bank that will be built around you and what you want in a financial services company.

We want to do more than just understand your financial goals; we believe in helping you on the road to achieving them. Making that belief real involves innovating and building new technology, helping you grow your own financial confidence, and taking action to help you pursue the goals that drive you forward. And that’s why we’re taking a stand to always look forward, pursue what’s next, and do more for you.

Are you ready?

Truist is about always looking forward and building a better future. So get ready! #Truist

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SUBJECT 10: Are you ready for better experiences, better technology, better partnerships, better communities, and a better future? Are you ready for Truist? BB&T and SunTrust, coming together to transform financial services.

Making of the brand

Building a brand is about more than just a new name. Here’s how BB&T and SunTrust used a little science, a little art, and a whole lot of collaboration to begin creating a financial services company that stands for better.


TORI MINER: Building a name, it's this great balance of creativity and strategy, of science and art, and of the heart and the mind.

SUSAN JOHNSON: It's not about putting together two entities, two great companies. We're building something new, something incredible, so it deserved a new name.

KIM MOORE-WRIGHT: We have to signal to the future. We have to signal to where we want to go and where we need to be as a new organization as well. The innovation, the innovative thinking, how we're going to continue to iterate, the point towards technology, that has to be signaled in a new name.

DANIELLA BIANCHI: Well, we always say that a brand is much more than a name.

BRIAN DAVIS: It's that magical mixture of pulling together the strengths, the things that you do so well, combining those, and then within that, reinventing yourself.

MIGUEL SEPULVEDA: This is exciting. This is something that's going to be transformational not just for the client experience, but for the industry as a whole.

SARAH CREED: This is so much more than a rebranding exercise. We're creating something new together for our companies and our clients.

CORRINE CUTHBERTSON: We're renaming a new company. We're creating a brand from scratch. We're meeting new people. We have a great agency partner in the mix alongside us. And we're thrilled.

TORI MINER: It's been really important throughout this process to ensure we're engaging teammates and associates in the creation of this brand.

KIM MOORE-WRIGHT: We had associate and teammate workshops that we did. We had interesting games and so forth that we did to be able to engage them.

TORI MINER: From the beginning, we gathered their insights through our more than a name game to think about the concepts and ideas, and even potential names, that they thought were really resonant for where we want to go.

KIM MOORE-WRIGHT: Not just a name game, a more than a name game.

SUSAN JOHNSON: Think of all the permutations. We had 16 different choices, 16 different attributes. Both companies doing the contests separately coming up with the same four.

JOLI MURTHA: I think we've got the right team assembled where we're working together, we're working with the agency partners, going through the right thoughtful process. I think we'll have something great in the end.

BRIAN DAVIS: We have done so much research, whether it's qualitative or quantitative, talking to associates, teammates, clients about what resonates with you right now about your company and your culture and who you are to clients.

DANIELLA BIANCHI: Normally, we say that branding is not a project, it's a process. And it starts, but it never ends. So this is the thing. We're all on this journey now, and forever, building this new brand.

TYKE ARBAUGH: There was a lot of laughter. There was a lot of getting to know each other that allowed us to get started that way rather than start just diving into business immediately.

CORRINE CUTHBERTSON: When people are excited about the name, they want to know more. They want to know where is the brand going. And people contact us on the daily, I think, asking, what's the name? What is it? So it's an exciting time.

CHRIS CAMPBELL: I would say that both teams, it's very evident, have a shared set of values.

SARAH CREED: This has been the turns and twists of a movie script. We're just about at the premiere. It's really, really thrilling.

CORRINE CUTHBERTSON: You name it, people have just gotten on board and worked around the clock to make things happen. So the collaboration from both sides has been phenomenal.

SUSAN JOHNSON: Ultimately, when we announce the brand, it will be—it's just a beginning. It's just a starting point. But it's going to take all of us to actually bring it to life. The first financial services brand, the first, built in the digital age with a scale to transform the client experience.