One name. One future.

Bringing together two organizations with rich histories and deep values takes commitment, care, and creativity. Turning them into one bank will prove to be an unparalleled opportunity for transformation. To build our new brand for success, we started by talking to the people closest to it. Associates, teammates, prospects, and clients all shared inputs and insights to shape who we are and where we’re going, ensuring that we’re creating the bank people want.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce our new name: Truist. Truist is the first signal of our bold future together. It reflects a shared belief in building a better future for our clients and communities. Throughout our process, one thing has always been clear: we are creating a bank that will be built around you and what you want in a financial institution. We want to do more than just understand your financial goals; we believe in helping you on the road to achieving them. Making that belief real involves innovating and building new technology, helping you grow your own financial confidence, and taking action to help you pursue the goals that drive you forward. And that’s why we’re taking a stand to always look forward, pursue what’s next, and do more for you.

The transaction between BB&T and SunTrust to form Truist is subject to regulatory approvals. BB&T and SunTrust remain separate and independent companies until the transaction closes.

Are You Ready

Truist is about always looking forward and building a better future. Truist is about standing for better. So get ready! #Truist

Making of The Brand

Building a brand is about more than just a new name. Here’s how BB&T and SunTrust used a little science, a little art, and a whole lot of collaboration to begin creating a financial services company that stands for better.